3A-CW-G Monaco group of Telegraphy

Founded on April 24th, 1991

Member of the European Federation EU-CW

The 3A-CW AWARD is issued by the 3A-CW-GROUP and is available to all amateur radio operators and SWLs.

QSO/SWL rpt only CW with 3A2** stations (no 3A/home call).

1QSO/SWL rpt = 1 point with a station per band.

Jokers = 2 points (once).


Only contacts after January 1, 1981 are allowed. All bands.

Europe : Basic = 4 points, 1st class = 8 points, Excellence = 12 points.

Others : Basic = 2 points, 1st Class = 4 points, Excellence = 6 points.

Jokers are 3A0CW, 3A2ARM, 3A40ARM, 3A250ARM, 3A60ARM,3A7A, 3A8A, 3A9A, 3A7JO, 3A100GM, 3A2000SM, 3A50 calls (Septembre 1994), 3A50R, 3A2CWG (QSL via 3A2LF), 3A7G, 3A90IARU et all others special call of 3A-CW-GROUP or ARM.

Send via memail a simple list of QSOs/SWL rpt.

 No other requirement.

All correspondance to :

Claude PASSET (3A2LF)

A.R.M. Award Manager


The certificate will be sent FREE to your email address.

Diplôme 3ACW GROUP